Sunday, February 19, 2006

Send them some flowers

Flowered Up I'm cock-a-hoop* about the latest news. Bath has won something in the "Britain In Bloom" competition. "Britain In Bloom" is where cash-strapped councils prove their mismanagement skills by allocating funds to repainting lots of poles all over their territory. They then allocate even more funds to buying flowers, pay people to wobble about on hydraulic lifts and clog up traffic routes while hanging the flowers. Flowers in place, more funds are diverted towards the entertainment of a crowd of overfed people with large noses (all the better for looking down at things from), commonly referred to as "judges" by those involved with "the project" (and equally commonly referred to as "useless leeches" by council tax victims payers).The useless leeches judges spend a day or surveying the wilting floral displays, accompanied by various city officials on the lookout for new places to eat and drink. The mayor does a bit of public spouting. Everyone smiles. Backs are patted, and the judges fuck off and spend somebody else's cash. 99% of residents, of course, are unaffected by any of this until they see next year's council tax bill.Now, in the case of Bath, the council has already adequately demonstrated its mismanagement skills by allowing millions of pounds of our its money to be pissed down the huge plughole somewhere in the new Bath Spa. They must be over the moon (well, in fact, they are over the moon, it says so in the local rag) at receiving further recognition. Allow me to add my own congratulations to the heaps already piled upon them. Well done, Bath City Council!*I'm not really.


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