Sunday, November 19, 2006

Well, time to get some other stuff done around here.


That's been the topic of discussion lately at the AA meetings I've been attending lately. Hmmm...a message maybe? Then today's men's meeting in Surprise, AZ the topic was The Promises. Before I get into them, let me tell you about the trip there.

I was the passenger in a 1970 something Jeep. Not the mailman kind of Jeep. I forgot the model. But it's yellow and a convertable. The seat belt just barely fit! The dashboard was murderous steel. Ah those were the days. We stayed on Thunderbird and headed West until we couldn't head anymore. The meeting looked like what those that don't attend, think an AA meeting looks like. There a bunch of old men sippin worse than Montana coffee. The funny thing was that there were non-smoking signs on tables on one side of the room. The ceiling had filters called Smokeeter. They didn't work so well.

But it was a good meeting to be at. I'm going to paste below what was read and discussed at this meeting. For those in AA it's good stuff. For those not, it may seem odd.